Armagnac liqueur Pousse Rapière 24° 35cl
  • Armagnac liqueur Pousse Rapière 24° 35cl

Armagnac liqueur Pousse Rapière 24° 35cl


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Armagnac liqueur Pousse Rapière

25 cl Bottle

24% vol


Ingredients : It is produced according to an ancient family recipe, the Pousse Rapière liqueur mixes the orange mellow and round flavour with the smooth vigour of the Armagnac.


1Description : The name Pousse Rapière is derived from the rapiere, the long lights word brought back to France from the wars in Italy by the returning Monluc and his Gascons Captains.

The Armagnac based liquor Pousse Rapière, the unique recipe of which is a closely guarded secret, blends with the Vin Sauvage, Traditional Method, to create the famous cocktail Pousse Rapière. Both the Pousse Rapière liquor and the "Vin Sauvage" share a common origin, the dry white wine produced in the Gascon hills surrounding Chateau Monluc.

Chateau Monluc has produced the liquor Pousse Rapière for over 40 years using traditional methods from the original secret recipe and today the liquor Pousse Rapière remains at the heart of Château Monluc's production.


Preparation : In a carafe, pour 6 parts of Brut de Monluc and 1 part of Pousse Rapière liqueur, serve with 1/4 of an orange slice. Drink chilled 6° to 8°.


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