Bas-Armagnac "Sélection Fleurons" 40° 70cl

Bas -Armagnac « Fleuron selections»

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Bas-Armagnac

31,00 €

44,29 € per Litre

17Tasting: Serve in a wine glass (Glasses designed for Armagnac are typically tapered at the top to trap their aromatics),heat it with the palm of your hands. This bas-Armagnac has been chosen for its suppleness because only a soil made of tawny sands (ferruginous) combined to grape varieties such as Baco gives round Armagnac and rapidly mature. The wood barrel infuses its flavours, the intensity of the still is softened. All that remains in the glass are the flavours of the prunes, typical from the bas-Armagnac. This Armagnac is easy to drink and doesn’t require any specific skills to enjoy its subtleties.

Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly.


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