Sweet and sour stewed peppers - 90 grams jar

Sweet and sour stewed peppers

90 grams jar

Ingredients: red peppers (53%), apples, onions, cane sugar, white wine of the Country d’Oc, red
wine vinegar, sunflower oil, virgin extra olive oil, garlic, starch, salt, herbs, food colouring: caramel,
spices 0,1%.

4,00 €

44,44 € per KG

3.60Suggestion: Sweet and sour stewed peppers are perfect to eat with a fish fillet or a grilled meat. It
will perfectly match up to omelet and « verrine gourmande » (A verrine is originally a small thick glass container with no base, which purpose is to contain a solid or liquid dish, rather than a drink.)

Store the jar at room temperature. Once opened, keep in the fridge and consume within a few

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