Armagnac Mirail XO 70cl (42° - Ht Armagnac)

Armagnac Mirail XO

70cl bottle

PDO (Protected Designation o fOrigin) Haut-Armagnac 42% Vol

Grape variety : 100% Folle Blanche

40,00 €

40Tasting : 8 years ageing in its new original barrel. Serve at room temperature. Enjoy with a dark chocolate dessert or as an after-dinner liqueur.


Nose : intense nose ,preserved, with a worm bread aroma and candied fruit notes.


Mouth : The mouth is freshand round , supple, the result of a subtle marriage of wood vanilla and fruit. The final taste is in full bloom, fulls cents of dried fruit sand roast are retained.

Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly.


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