Walnut apéritif Esquillot

Walnut apéritif Esquillot

50 cl bottle - 17% vol

Ingredients: fortified wine (grape must be prevented from fermenting by adding alcohol), green walnut stain, alcohol, walnut kernels natural flavour. No sugar added, but only natural grape sugar of the fortified wine.

16,15 €

27,00 € per Litre

 Suggestion: The walnut apéritif is the one that all the farmers’ wives used to make for their own consumption. Traditionally prepared on the 21st of June for the St Jean festival, walnuts are still soft with a milky texture. First macerated in alcohol then blended with the fortified wine, we obtain an old port flavour.
The former recipes were very sweet and rustic because they used tannic red wine.
the fortified wine, more supple, refines the flavour. (the walnut kernel is less tannic than the walnut shell)
The ageing process at l’esquillot gives the natural and enjoyable « rancio » of the old port to the aperitif.

Serve fresh. Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly

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