The Rosé Floc de Gascogne

The Rosé Floc de Gascogne

75 cl bottle

Degrees: 16,5 % vol

Ingredients: During the harvest, the fresh grape juice and young Armagnac (two thirds to one third) are blended to obtain the Floc the Gascogne.

9,95 €

13,27 € per Litre

.95The rosé Floc de Gascogne is made using the traditional varieties of Cabernet Franc that brings
notes of raspberry, Cabernet Sauvignon with its complex perfumes of red fruits, Merlot gives great
roundness in the mouth and Tannat brings earthy and robust flavours. These 4 varieties can also
be combined with Fer Servadou and Cot.
During the harvest, the fresh grape juice and young Armagnac (two thirds to one third) are blended
in airtight tanks. The blend is left to rest until the end of winter.
Later on, Floc de Gascogne is subject to a series of careful preparations : racking, refining,
filtration, cold stablization … and hence the new Floc de Gascogne is ready in the spring.
Suggestion: The Floc the Gascogne is the ultimate aperitif from Gascony, it should be drunk chilled

Welcome to the land of flavours: melons from Lectoure, peaches and nectarines from the Lot-and-
Garonne, plums from Agen… At the height of the season, all these fruits from Gascony, ripened in
the sun of the Southwest are overflowing with flavour. Floc de Gascogne, thanks to its finesse and
subtlety, allows for unexpected alliances producing chilled desserts bursting with character.
Granité au Floc de Gascogne, blackcurrant and nectarine sabayon au Floc de Gascogne,
redcurrant and blackcurrant charlotte au Floc de Gascogne, skewers of fruits with almond paste
with Floc de Gascogne… there is no shortage of ideas to tempt our taste buds !

Store the bottle upright and corked in the fridge. Drink within 3 months

Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly.

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